Markforged Industrial-grade Materials

Made of metal. And even stronger composites. 

Markforged Request a SampleMarkforged industrial-grade materials enable engineers to make functional parts for manufacturing environments. From metals to continuous fibers to composite base filaments, Markforged 3D printing materials form the backbone of a strong printed part.

Unlimited Applications

Need soft jaws? End-of-arm tooling? Assembly, welding, or CMM fixtures? Markforged can do it! How about check gauges, housings, brackets, forming tools, or sensor mounts? Yep, those too! Our range of metal and composite 3D printers yields parts in stainless and tool steels, carbon fiber, fiberglass, inconel, titanium, and more.

Real World Strength Must Be Tested

Need parts that are as strong as 6061 aluminum but 40% lighter? How about parts that meet UL 94 specs for self-extinguishing and low smoke? And metal? Yep, we've got it!

Want More than Just a Sample?

Would you like to see your part printed for testing and evaluation? Great! We want to work with you. Fill out the form and we will reach out to discuss your project shortly